The Pelleas Ensemble - Monday 13 November 2017 19:30

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The Pelleas Ensemble
Monday 13 November 2017 19:30
Ripon Cathedral (please note change of venue)

The Pelleas Ensemble


From Bach to Contemporary

The flute-viola-harp combination has been around for a century, after Claude Debussy composed his Sonata in 1915. Yet, it is still considered unusual and finding repertoire is a bit of a challenge. Pelléas performs many arrangements (from Baroque to Contemporary) and also commissions pieces, some with a very strong jazz influence that, they hope, will appeal to younger audiences. ‘We are also doing our own musical arrangements, for example, Prokofiev’s Suite from “Romeo and Juliet”. And there are vast numbers of Baroque trio sonatas, those written for traverso flute, viola da gamba and harpsichord, that work perfectly for us,’ says Luba.

This excellent young ensemble of flute viola and harp was the 2016 winner of the St Martin's Chamber Music Competition. The members are Henry Roberts flute, Luba Tunnicliffe viola and Oliver Wass. They grab the attention of their listeners by playing most of their repertoire from memory. For them Music as the most intimate form of communication. That is what Pelléas Ensemble, the recent winners of the St Martin-in-the-Fields Chamber Music Competition, are about. It could be in front of an audience of a dozen or five hundred, but their goal seems to always be the same: For every spectator to feel that the flute, viola and harp are being played for them and no one else.

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